“Great satisfaction comes from sharing with others.”


For the course ICT in Education (PGT436E), we in a group have decided to choose “wordpress” as our topic.

“This course aims to equip student-teachers with various current interactive ICT tools and the pedagogies of using them appropriately and effectively across the curriculum. Design and development of all materials shall involve the innovative and creative application of instructional system design (ISD) and instructional design (ID). Each ICT tool shall be discussed from the perspective of its advantages, limitations and appropriateness of applications. A constructivist approach of learning with new interactive learning technologies will be given emphasis”

Special thanks are given to all lecturers for this course PGT436E:

  • Dr. Rozniza Zaharudin
  • Professor Fong Soon Fook
  • Dr. Azidah Abu Ziden

Input in this presentation wordpress easy to understand by normal individuals and individuals with hearing impairment / deaf because of the use of appropriate visual and text are emphasized by admin.

I hope all who visit my wordpress site will get something new, insyaAllah 🙂



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